Andi Tirtakusuma

Navanti’s strong performance is controlled and maintained by Andi. He makes sure that every business decision is calculated with any kind of risk involved and could generate a good return.

Andi has an excellent background in managing the day-to-day operations of a business, which brings value as the Operational Director at NAvanti Holdings. He focuses on the generation and implementation of operational business strategies on a day-to-day basis; providing support to all existing subsidiaries of the Holdings ensuring that their performance maintains in a strong and positive position.

Andi Ensures Navanti Holdings continuously have a healthy financial situation, while ensuring the company is structured in a way where all employees are constantly encouraged and motivated. Our subsidiaries are rest assured they are in capable hands, particularly though Andi’s financial capability for any sort of investments and ability to prepare financial reports for all subsidiaries. This is all  supported by his skills in troubleshooting, responding quickly to issues and quick thinking.