Ivan Tandyo

Ivan is a strong believer in making dreams become a reality. He is Visionary, believing that each life has a divine special purpose.

Ivan Tandyo founded Navanti Holdings in 2011. He began his business journey through a small step within the food & beverage industry back in 2003. From being involved in a cafe and a few restaurant within the heart of the Melbourne city; Ivan become exposed to the commercial world.

Ultimately forming his passion for entrepreneurship Despite the many challenges, Ivan faced prior to the establishment of Navanti Holdings, He still managed to persevere and continue to rebuild his business that are continuously growing to this present day.

With his charismatic leadership, Ivan continues to expand Navanti Holdings to many different industries, such a Manufacturing, Services, Trading and Property Developments.

Currently Navanti Holding are in ownership of 14 different subsidiaries and committed to launch a several new businesses annually