Andi Tirtakusuma

Navanti’s strong performance is controlled and maintained by Andi. He oversees all financial aspects of Navanti and drives the company’s investment strategy.

Responsible for managing Navanti’s strong financial performance, Andi oversees all financial activities and sets the strategic direction for the investment of the Holdings.

Andi is a critical thinker who excels in problem-solving through his analytical and practical approach. His ability to think creatively coupled with his extensive experience in managing multiple ventures makes him a valuable member of the Board of Directors. Passionate about spotting unique opportunities and making them into reality, our subsidiaries can rest assured they are in safe and capable hands.

As the Finance Director of Navanti Holdings, Andi brings his expertise to develop financial strategies which strengthen the financial performance of the group and provide support and supervision to subsidiary companies to ultimately establish positive growth for the Navanti Holdings investment portfolio.